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About us: Come and see Burundi, henceforth referred to as CSBU, is a dynamic, internationally-based tourism and business company that operates inside Burundi. CSBU specializes in the following:


  • Investments

  • Construction & Infrastructure

  • Agribusiness

  • Information & Technology

  • Tourism 

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Social services


CSBU aims to deliver client-centered and friendly services to all customers, whether it is tourism-related or business services. We, at CSBU endeavor, to contribute to the government’s effort to transform Burundi into a modern nation.


Although the name of the company seems to, chiefly, promote tourism as a sole business, CSBU is an umbrella for a variety of businesses and services, and it is evolving into a gateway to other business opportunities for those interested in investing inside Burundi.


The vision of CSBU is to empower and enable willing Burundians to realize and reach their potentials. To do this, CSBU plans to promote entrepreneurship within the Burundian society and to serve as a bridge between Burundi and potential international investors who may realize that Burundi is the best investment destination due to reasonable tariffs and favorable government policies for investors.


We strongly encourage investors to seize the various investments opportunities on offer in Burundi. Here are among others, sectors that are accessible to both internal and external investors:


  • Agriculture including Animals & Fisheries

  • Energy production and distribution,

  • Education

  • Health

  • Transport

  • Information, Communication, and Telecommunication.


At CSBU, our ambitions are as far-reaching as the needs of the populations.


We aim to take one step at a time, diving into one business at a time. The areas of interest will continue to expand as far as new needs emerge. We endeavor to stick to the philosophy of evidence-based decision-making system to develop suitable strategies to swiftly but prudently reach a sustainable and profitable business system.  

About us

we are thinking 20 years ahead

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