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C.E.O Welcome

Hello there,


It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to Burundi whether it is to visit or to do business. Come and See Burundi, henceforth referred to as CSBU, offers you an exclusive deal of tours and various business services. We offer a professional and proactive approach in assisting you and responding to your needs related to touring or investing in Burundi. On behalf of Come and See Burundi team, I welcome you and invite you to contact us for further assistance.


Fablice Manirakiza | Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Come and See Burundi

The long-term development plan “Burundi 2025” Vision enlisted “Partnership” among other pillars of sustainable development. CSBU endeavors to step in as a partner in developing, nurturing and expending the Tourism and  Business Sectors in Burundi, in a manner that not only provide enjoyable experience to visitors, but also makes it viable and profitable to both CSBU and local businesses.


Who are our customers?

CSBU caters for both international and local customers.

Our ultimate objective is to make sure you can have memorable experiences regardless of whether you are from abroad or from within Burundi.


Our customers, our priority

It is our prime objective to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations. CSBU is working to ensure that all touristic sites offer the facilities for the visitor relax and enjoy any tour. Our customers’ satisfaction is our focus.

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