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The entrepreneurial spirit premises itself on innovation and risk-taking within the ever-changing and increasingly competitive global markets.

According to Professor Howard Stevenson, an academic at Harvard University, in the United States of America, entrepreneurship is the pursuit (relentless focus) of opportunity despite the constraints in resources. The opportunity being an offering that is novel regarding innovation, business model, version of the product or a set of customers. It refers to the ability to seize the least obvious opportunities, without necessarily having enough resources to carry out all activities of the targeted business endeavor.  

With this working definition of entrepreneurship, CSBU aims to collaborate with other non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to create service and training to support those Burundians with innovative ideas of all kinds. It involves exploring available options, in partnering with schools for training purposes, and the governing bodies for potential workshops and training to potential entrepreneurs.  

CSBU aims to form a Think-Tank body of experts and existing entrepreneurs to grow this aspect of any sustainable development.

CSBU will make use of its international experience to assess the need and devise way forward. In the same trajectory, CSBU is seeking to invest into small-scale Income Generating Activities depending on the identified need and feasibility of the grassroots populations proposed projects.  CSBU will also provide some enabling funds for a low-interest and repayment in installments. Therefore, CSBU wishes to make it clear that it will operate in close collaboration with local authorities to facilitate the delivery of services and opportunities to aspiring Burundians.

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