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Though it has high employment potential, the Online business opportunity is hugely unexplored and unexploited in Burundi.

As the population gets get access to the internet and become proficient in using the internet-mediated services, CSBU has no doubt that we will see a rapid increase in online based business in Burundi.

Gladly, CSBU is taking the lead in allowing all partners to reach their potential customers through this service.


CSBU has found that people who are willing and wanting to build their own houses or dwellings, both inside and outside Burundi find it hard to find reliable and accountable  businesses with competent and honest technical personnel,who can carry their projects to a successful completion on time and within the set budget.


Therefore, CSBU has initiated a program headed by reputable engineers and builders who will make plans and build your ideal homes or business dwellings with guaranteed success and accountability, on time and on budget. At this moment we encourage all Burundians both inside and outside of Burundi to make use CSBU for such services.


In the same line, CSBU will endeavor to efficiently advertise your property, whether it is for renting, buying or just an hotel. The active business website through which CSBU operates will make sure anyone anywhere on this planet can see your house and its attractive facilities to boost its marketability. It is the ideology of CSBU, to use modern marketing facilities in Burundi to promote businesses for economic growth.
We want every project delivered by CSBU to become its footprint as the leading business on the market.


CSBU aims to develop the transport industry in Burundi. This service aim is to make it easy for our customers to easily get to and from different places in all capital cities of the different province of Burundi.


It is an opportunity for Burundians who wish to invest in transport, such as Taxi services that operate in the modernCSBU will
ways. This service will ensure that one can easily get a taxi, a motorcycle to get from position A to B, from anywhere at any time.
implementmechanism that will allow a customer to have access to a 24/7 booking system and expect the Taxi, to come within a reasonable timeframe. CSBU will work with willing partners while leading and managing the service delivery.


CSBU will offer the opportunity to partners who share our vision and values, to have their businesses promoted via CSBU portal. Some of the parteners that could benefit such oportunity are those operating in the area of businesses such as hotels, car rentals and taxi services.


Finally, CSBU is and will always remain open to partnership with like minded businesses and individuals, who share the vision of a modern and peaceful Burundi with a thriving economy.

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