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Burundi International Trade Fair 2019

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Burundi International Trade Fair 2019 (#BITF2019)


It was the Monday of July 22, 2019, on the fine white sand grains of the beach of the Hotel Club of Lake Tanganyika, that began the 1st edition of the Burundi International Trade Fair, called BITF, organized by Come and See Burundi (CSBU). Local, national and international companies, companies and organizations were on hand to showcase their products and services. The opening of this fair was honored by His Excellency the first vice-president of Burundi, Mr Gaston SINDIMWO

Follow-up of the diplomatic corps that accompanied him, HE the first vice- President visited, one by one, the stands of companies, companies and organizations that were present in the Fair. They listened attentively, looked, and asked questions about the services and products of each company. Their curiosity was an opportunity for these companies, organizations and companies to make themselves better known by explaining their projects and what they do.


During the three days of the Burundi International Trade Fair, the various companies, organizations had the opportunity to discuss, exchange, know each other and expose their products and services. Since the Burundi International Trade Fair took place during the week of the Diaspora, it was a very beneficial point for the exhibitors who took the opportunity to make their societies better known to members of the Diaspora. They loved and admired the different products on display until they bought them, and came out satisfied.

The fair was closed on Wednesday, July 24, with a very rich evening of intellectual exchanges on "how to develop Burundi through the Burundian youth and opportunities for international trade and investment Burundian".

This business dinner was honored by the presence of various prominent Burundian and foreign personalities namely the representative of the Trade and Development Bank (TDB), a delegation of the International Organization of Migrants (IOM), the ambassadors from different countries in Burundi, members of the Diaspora, representatives of companies, companies and local, national and international organizations exhibiting in the Fair (BRARUDI, PAY WAY, OTRACO, OTB, FENACOBU, INGO MAGAZINE, AURECON, IZINGODLA Group, ABB), Burundian investors and entrepreneurs and members of the Diaspora and the main private sector actors here in Burundi, namely the API.

This business dinner was also an opportunity for these distinguished personalities to exchange ideas, forge links between them and to consider future partnerships. COME AND SEE BURUNDI and its partners (MEDIA BOX, DHL, REDEX) took the opportunity to present their projects; among other things the project "E-Commerce" on which it collaborates with Média-Box and DHL and the project "Mpanura - Muganga" with Média-Box, Redex and the Ministry of Public Health and the fight against AIDS.

The next edition of Burundi International Trade Fair for 2020 is estimated to be much more bigger, with more incoming delegates & companies, local and international. for more informations and registrations, visit here:

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