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CSBU Diaspora Educational Programs

On the 21st & 22nd January 2019, Come and See Burundi launched the ongoing program of “CSBU DIASPORA EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM”. The Burundian Diaspora is smart even if it is spread everywhere in the world.

One common thing is that people end up going home for holidays to Burundi. This program aim is to encourage Burundians who are going to Burundi to run workshops and share their skills with local Burundians. From how to write a CV to designing a business plan or simply baking a cake.

Another component of this project is to contact experts who can run webinars and online sessions from overseas universities to be projected at Burundian universities.

We encourage all Burundian’s in the Diaspora to take the advantage of the opportunity, by contacting CSBU to organise the sessions.

Would you like to contribute on your next trip to Burundi, please click here to contact us

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