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Fablice Manirakiza: when the diaspora gets involved...

Fablice MANIRAKIZA becomes 1 of 10 inspiring key-figures who highlighted the year of 2021 in BURUNDI. by JIMBERE MAGAZINE

On his return from Australia, his name is a hit in 2021 with the implementation of " Come and See Burundi ", a project behind the construction of 30 modern houses on the Kiyange site in the Buterere area. A great dreamer, he would like to see the Burundian diaspora become much more involved in the development of the country. Discovery .

The other figure who marked 2021 is in any case Fablice Manirakiza. 29 years old, living in Australia since 2009, he created the company Come and See Burundi – CSBU in 2012.

But it was in 2016 that he launched his activities on Burundian soil with the objective of promoting the beautiful image of the country and its development by significantly involving the diaspora. Concretely, CSBU first operates in tourism. " Via our website, those who wish to visit Burundi will find a lot of details on the tourist sites of the country and can afford our support service on their arrival as well as during their stay in the country ", explains the young male.

Entrepreneurship and business development is another area in which CSBU operates. In this area, investors (those from the diaspora in particular) benefit from consultancy for their projects and young entrepreneurs find potential members of the diaspora who can endorse them when they resort to bank credit.

Finally, CSBU works in the humanitarian field (delivering assistance to the poor) as well as in real estate with the construction of modern villages, the great project moreover which made the name of CSBU (or simply Fablice) widely known. ) in the year 2021.

Building a bridge between the diaspora and the native country With CSBU, Fablice Manirakiza, who presided over the destinies of the Burundian community in Victoria (Australia) for four years, tries to provide a solution to the concerns of members of the Burundian diaspora of not have secure channels through which they can carry out projects in their country.

According to him, more than 90% of Burundians living elsewhere are victims of cheating and theft when they carry out projects or when they send funds to the country. " The enthusiasm shown with the purchase by the diaspora of the 28 modern houses built in the Kiyange site (the mirror district in Bujumbura town hall) demonstrates how important it is to intervene in this sector ", adds the graduate in International Affairs .

Prospects and projects

For next year, says the young real estate developer, he is eager to see the CSBU village finalized to be able to start a similar project in other cities. Much more, he would like to see African Gateway Insurance or AGICO, an insurance company, category legal protection, which he initiated in partnership with 60 other shareholders, operating for 2022 as well as the bank of the diaspora being set up. As for his wishes, Fablice Manirakiza wishes to see the Burundians change their mentality, because according to him, “ they are not all favorable to development . »


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