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The Social Department of Come and See Burundi (CSBU) aims to provide Social services that will benefit all Burundians including the Diaspora.

We want to bring positive change to Burundi and we know it has to start with ourselves.  Through various programs such as educational activities, charity programs, scholarships, fundraising for social causes, ect. CSBU offers an opportunity to everyone who wants to contribute to the betterment of the Burundian society.


Mainly CSBU focus on implementing small and easy actions that can make a positive difference to Burundians. Together, we will look for innovative solutions to address complex problems including education, health, environment, technology, and poverty for sustainable development. As a generation that has decided to play a key role in our country’s development, we empower each other and create leaders who dream of a more just and fair Burundi.  There is no doubt that if we work together we can lead and guide our country towards a prosperous future.

 Diaspora Educational Programs

The Burundian Diaspora is smart even if it is spread everywhere in the world. One common thing is that people end up going home for holidays to Burundi. This program aim is to encourage Burundians who are going to Burundi to run workshops and share their skills with local Burundians. From how to write a CV to designing a business plan or simply baking a cake. This could be free or we could ask participants to pay a small amount to attend those workshops. CSBU will organise and run the educational and learning activities events.


Another component of this project is to contact experts who can run webinars and online sessions from overseas universities to be projected at Burundian universities. 

 Charity Programs

This program aims to connect people who want to contribute to charity work in Burundi. CSBU wants to offer social services that can benefit Burundians in various areas.

Already a partner of ‘Fondation Ubuntu’ that helps orphans and ‘REAVI-Baho’ that support survivors of Sexual Violence in Burundi; CSBU will link external donors to support those local organisations directly.

 University Scholarships University Scholarships

CSBU aims to encourage higher degree education. This program aims to help students apply for scholarships for tertiary education. CSBU will serve as a bridge between students who want to study in Australia or any other country and guide parents who want to send their children to continue high school at Gitega International Academy in Burundi.

CSBU has started to establish a partnership with different institutions and will upload online guides and scholarships opportunities on its website. It will also offer individual guidance through the application process.

 Volunteering trips for NGOs & schools

This project is designed for businesses, entrepreneurs or anyone who is curious enough to discover Burundi and do something different and challenging. This involves travelling to Burundi with the objective to connect with Burundians and be involved in a local project.

People get to:

● Discover the country

● See challenges and opportunities through a new lens

● Grow and stretch by taking actions that tap into your true creative self

● Connect as a global citizen

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