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Mwishanga falls, Rutana, Burundi



CSBU TRAVEL is a subsidiary of Come and See Burundi, It specialises in tourism and travel inside Burundi and now growing in East Africa. CSBU TRAVEL is dedicated to share the beauty and wonder of Burundi with the world. Our dedicated team is multicultural based all around the world; the team is passionate about Africa’s culture, wildlife and natural beauty. We live and breathe the African experience, and we are here to bring that rich experience to the world.
We specialize in providing an organised tours and now allowing the our customers to customise their own tours to meet their wish for an individual client or a group of clients. We value our work in giving great advance information to our client and personalized service – from meeting you at the airport to following up with you after the trip to ensure everything was as you’d hoped.
CSBU TRAVEL, offers you an exclusive deals of tour that is remarkable. We are professional and proactive in assisting you with all the information you may want, before making a decision of touring burundi.
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